Our First Injured Hen

It finally happened. Our first chicken injury. It was weekly coop cleaning day so I let the girls out to free range to keep them out of the way. When I was done I came outside and saw a group of hens come running around the other side of the run. As they came up to me I noticed blood on the side of the smallest black chicken. I scooped her up and found that it wasn’t her side at all. She had a chunk taken out of her wing with a few feathers missing. What had happened to her?!!!! I wandered the property and couldn’t find the missing feathers. For all I know there might have been a hawk or fox hanging nearby and made an attempt to take her away!

I quickly jumped into action by washing the injury out and spraying with a topical antibiotic. I pulled out a puppy pen I bought for just such an occasion and made her a nice space away from the rest of the birds to heal properly. She’s being fed luxury food like vegetables and high in protein snacks such as meal worms and tuna. She even has her own bottle of chicken Gatorade loaded with electrolytes, vitamins and also probiotics. She’s eating and drinking like a queen! I tried to give her a section in the coop to be closer to her hen friends, but she gets more stressed out watching the other girls. So instead she’s staying in the luxury spa, puppy pen in the green house. Actually seems to enjoy it! As a matter of fact, she even laid 2 eggs yesterday!

I tried free ranging her with the girls in the evenings but chickens have a survival instinct to get rid of weak flock mates and if they see blood they will potentially attack her! It’s very upsetting to think about these cute girls doing something so horrific, but you can’t change mother nature. Unfortunately the other hens were too interested in her injury so she has to free range separately from everyone else. I let her out when I’m poking around the yard so she doesn’t feel left out.

I tried to bandage her which will keep the girls from pecking at her, but I’m a terrible nurse and she’s a terrible patient, pulling off the bandage when I’m not watching her. Now I’m out of bandage and decided leaving the wound open at this point may heal it fast, as long as she doesn’t mess with it.

Wish her luck as this will take a long time to heal and she’s going to get tired of being cleaned, sprayed and not allowed to mingle with her friends.

Here is when I found her tearing off her bandage.