Let the Healing Begin

A couple months ago I told you the story of our first injured chicken. Well, she is still healing with more injuries.

It started with a broken toe that made it difficult for her to get around, then a chunk taken out of one of her wings. At first we thought she was caught on something but now believe she’s at the bottom of the pecking order and the mean girls are pecking at her. She now has a chunk out of the other wing and we’ve caught hens pecking a spot at the base of her tail feathers. Every time a feather starts growing back it gets yanked out by one of her sisters!

It’s hard to suddenly realize how awful chickens can be, but it’s all part of their survival instinct. Weak chickens can put the flock at risk in the wild. I think it’s easier to accept if you look at it this way.

Injured girl is now living in the “time out” pen where she can be close to the flock but out of reach from harm. Her feathers are finally starting to grow back and fill in. She sweetly talks to us and lets us pick her up now.

Most people who sell eggs for a living would have gotten rid of this little girl by now but guess what……this chicken has been known to lay 2 eggs in 1 day! That’s unheard of under her condition! Looks like TLC goes a long way.

Just goes to show you, a little love for your animals pays you back.

Meet Injured Girl on the chicken’s YouTube Channel: