I’m So HOT

Cooling Off

We went straight from winter into summer heat and we don’t have air conditioning in this old farm house…..ooooof! Can you imagine what it’s like to be a young hen starting to grow a ton of feather and getting your first 95 degree day?!!! It’s not much cooler in the coop than it is outside. The shade cloth roof helps a lot, but wow the heat came on suddenly. It’s a good thing I did my homework when I bought my chickens. I picked heat tolerant chicks including Buff Orphingtons and Australorpes. The Aracaunas…not so much but hey….they lay blue eggs! I had to make an exception to see how that works!

Hot Beaks

Did you know that chickens can die from heatstroke easier than freeze in the cold? Scary, right? So I’m looking for signs of hens with heat stroke. The first tip they are getting too hot is when they open their beaks as they breath, like they are in the picture. If they are getting dangerously hot they’ll stoop down and hold their wings out, looking lethargic.  Just like the picture of the Barred Rock Rooster! That’s what we get for keeping the mystery chick! This is a bad way to find out he’s not heat tolerant!

Heat Stroke


Luckily I already read that in an overheated emergency, you can hold them in a tub of cold water until they cool off. So that’s what I did. He was too weak to fight me, but within a minute and a half he was looking at me to say thank you, and hopped out completely recovered!