The Higher the Better

Chick on Feeder

We’ve had all sorts of antics in the big brooder since the chicks moved in. We have the┬áthe morning jog when they wake up, racing in circles, then the testing of the wings causing a lot of squawking as they land on each other. Scratching and kicking up the pine shavings into the food and water dishes is getting real old.

They’ve also been trying to tear apart the pink paper liner under the pine shavings. Every now and then a chick gets a tiny piece in their mouth, the others get jealous, and then there’s a stampede chasing her!

But this is new…….

They are starting to jump up and sit on top of the feeders! okay, so this isn’t good. If one tried to take flight from the feeder, they could probably get out of the pen! It’s only been a week and we have another housing problem we need to solve.
Time to start finishing up all the coop stuff and pray for no more snow!