The Foul Fowl

Chicks are officially 4 weeks old and boy are they big! They actually look like chickens now with the exception of ugly bare spots where their feathers still need to grow in.

Bigger means eating more, and eating more means pooping more, and it really stinks! I cleaned the brooder every 3 to 4 days and now we are at every other day. It’s taking longer to clean because they want to play with everything I’m working on. It’s really time to get them out of the basement and into the coop. It’s supposed to be good weather this next week so we’ll test the heating lamps the next 2 nights. If all goes well the chicks will be in their new home Friday night!

Maybe it will help them adjust their attitudes a little too. They’ve been literally creating the pecking order and it’s getting loud and obnoxious. Even pecking me every now.

All of us will be much happier once the weekend comes!