The Chicks in the Mail

Talk about stress! I was notified Wednesday that my chicks were shipped and now it’s Friday! Those poor day old chicks were stuffed into a small box, thrown into a delivery truck and spent two nights in two different Post Offices before I picked them up this morning. Not only were they under stress, I was nauseous tracking the slow poke U.S. Postal Service taking their time! Ugh!

We weren’t the only people picking up chicks today. There were three boxes sitting there making a peepin’ racket! When the guy asked which box was ours, knowing that we ordered 30 chicks and had one a bonus exotic chick that the company threw in for free, my hubby pointed at the biggest box. “But honey, that white box has the logo from the company I bought it from.” He looked at the 12″X16″ box and said “that can’t possibly hold 31 chicks”. Ah…..but  it did! We pulled the box out while another woman behind us picked up the massive box. As we moved the box to a side area we noticed the chicks weren’t peeping! DEAD SILENCE! OMG, I was picturing a box of petrified chicks not moving.

We opened the lid to check and…Phew..not a dead one is the bunch.

Got them home and followed the the guidelines I read on brooding chicks. We borrowed a 30″X36″ brooder from a friend that had a thermostat to keep the temperature between 90 and 95 degrees. The rule is you reduce their temperature 5 degrees a week until they match the outside temp and then they are free to go! Most take 5-6 weeks.

We pulled out one chick at a time, dipping their beak in water so they’d learn where it was, and then put them under the warming lights.  27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32…Uh…..we got a lot more chicks than we thought! Head count….35! Wow! 5 surprise guests! We have no idea what kind those are. We ordered 12 Buff Orphingtons, 12 Black Australorpes and 6 Aracaunas (blue egg layers). It’s going to be interesting to see what these other types are.


Unfortunately, we did lose one chick. She had a broken leg when she arrived and she was in bad shape. Hubby quickly put her out of her misery and gave her a proper burial under the pine tree. But I was given the expectation that one or two may die in transit so I didn’t completely fall apart….not completely.

Okay… chicks all had some water and are calming down. I think I’ll go back to bed! I’m exhausted!