Sharing a Nesting Box

This weekend, when I went into the coop to clean, look what I found!……….a couple of the ladies battling it out for their favorite nesting box! The funny thing is they were fighting over which one got to sit on that blue egg but neither of them lay blue eggs!

I know this is not an unusual thing in the chicken world but it hasn’t happened in our coop yet. There was one change that probably made the difference. First, the hens finally got over their molting, their feet and pest problems and started to finally lay eggs again! Next, my hubby closed off the top row of nesting boxes because he said they were hurting themselves jumping out of the higher boxes. Now there are only half as many boxes to lay in.

I watched them for awhile with the black Aussie turning around trying to drop a new egg and the Buff growling at her. GRRRRR. Finally, the egg was dropped, the Aussie jumped over the Buff to get out and the Buff shoved the egg out of the nesting box onto the floor!!

Don’t let the wing hit you on the way out!

To watch the exchange check it out on their YouTube Channel: