Feeding Couple Day Old Chicks

Cuteness alert!!!!

The chicks are only a few days old and are devouring food like they are starving to death! But they are too cute to judge. They are growing so fast. You can see changes daily! Look at the feathers they’ve already developed! It all happens too fast.

We did lose one of the chicks to illness which unfortunately seems to happen when they are this young. We introduced 2 new chicks the same age that quickly blended in with everyone.

What else can you say?! They eat a lot and poop a lot. Lots of cleaning up but we love them . They seem to be calmer than the big girls. There was a lot of chaos with our last girls. Could it be because we had 5 roosters? Yep, probably!

Get a closer look at the little monsters eating on their YouTube Channel: