What happend to my dirt?

CoopPostsSMThinking ahead to winter, I decided to add a couple more support posts to the coop run to help handle the snow.  As I dug the holes, I piled up the dirt like normal and covered the holes to keep the girls safe while I went to the store for the posts.

When I got back I brought the posts into the run, dropped them in the holes, grabbed a shovel and got ready to back-fill with my piles of dirt.  Except my piles, both of them, were gone!

What I had forgotten was that these lovely little ladies love, LOVE, to play in the dirt.  What I saw as neat piles of dirt ready to back-fill a hole, the girls saw as a day-spa! My neat piles had been played in until they were completely gone, mixed in with the rest of the run floor.

I couldn’t help but laugh as I used a wheel barrow to bring in the dirt I now needed to fill the holes.  Every day I learn or am reminded of just how funny these girls can be. chickens1SM

The Chicken House

5x_brooder_MedWhen I was young, about 13 or so,  we spent some time in Missouri visiting with my step-dads family.  One thing I remember, and a story I have told many times, was the day we went to visit his brother. As we approached the house I realized just how deep in the hill country we were when his brother walked out of the house to greet us followed by several full grown chickens.  I could not wrap my head around living in a house with chickens.  Well, I can’t speak for my uncle but I do understand that sometimes circumstances force your hand.

We have been hit with a heavy spring snow storm, dropping the temps and putting a damper on our plans to move the chicks from their over-crowded brooder to the coop.  Between the temp dropping and the heat wiring not being completed we had to improvise a new interim brooder space.

A spare room, tape, 6 boxes, 2 tarps and masking paper came together and made for a nice space for our growing girls.  Add a couple of tripods and some heat lamps and we are in business again.  The girls now have space to spread their wings, solid footing and pine shavings to kick around.  They seem so much happier and this space should get us through the next week or two until they are old enough to go out to the coop.

I can’t say what my uncle’s reason was as his chickens were full grown and the weather seemed fine but I do know now that he probably had his reasons and it was not my place to judge.