Hanging Apple Treat

UGH The ladies are still at each other’s throats! We are having a tough time stopping them from pecking at each other! I thought since it finally warmed up and the days had gotten longer they would have more fun time and enjoy life!

But NOOOO, they would rather stalk each other and grab a mouthful of feathers instead!

That being said we are researching ways to keep these crazy chickens busy! So today we are going to make a Swinging Apple Treat! First, tie a string from the ceiling. We have a wood beam in the middle of the run we tie rope around. Drill a hole through or core an apple and put the string through it. Handy hubby cut a piece of wood into a round disc and drilled a hole through the center. So now you take that string and put it through the top of the apple, down through the hole in the disc and tie a knot at the end so it holds the disc under the apple. If your string is too thin you can tie a stick at the bottom to keep it from slipping back out.

Anyway, once you are done you pick a few pieces off the apple so the chickens can have a taste, then let it swing!

Of course our jumpy ladies are scared to death of anything they haven’t seen before! Oh well, back to the drawing board, looking for more things for them to do!

Watch the ladies on their YouTube Channel: