New Hens First Egg Song

It was a couple days after we got our first small egg from the new girls. As I was gardening outside I heard one of the girls making her first attempt at the egg song. A not so good attempt, but it still stopped me in the tracks wondering if we got another first egg!

It’s hard to sneak up on these girls. Being so new to the world they are always on edge. When I heard the squawking I tried to sneak up to the window to see what was going on but of course they heard me.and stopped singing.

Curious if we got any new eggs I went inside the coop and took a look around. There was one hen on the edge of the nesting boxes and a bunch of the others staring at her. Must be the singer!

I opened up the nesting box tray and the only eggs inside were the fake training eggs they knock out . Oh well…..

Here it is a few days later and we have 4 more eggs! But they are so small all 4 fit in my one hand! At least now we have enough to cook! I cracked the first one open and out pops 2 yolks! We got a double yolker here! It’s not unusual for this to happen. I’m just crossing my fingers the eggs get bigger quick so we can start selling eggs again!

Here the egg song on the girls YouTube channel:

New Chickens First Egg!

Funny story…… I was in the middle of writing this post about training the girls how to use the nesting boxes and how frustrated we are that it’s taking them longer than the old ladies to start laying. All of a sudden I receive this picture from the hubby who is taking care of the girls today! YAY! Our Rhode Island Red girls first egg!

Now I’m going to back track and tell you how we trained them!

We put the latest metal nesting boxes in the coop a few weeks ago so they could get used to it. Then 10 days ago we put the fake eggs in the area we want them to lay. The fake eggs are so life-like, including the weight, that we had to mark an X on the tip of the fake eggs to be sure we didn’t pull and sell them! Both of us had done it.

I let the girls watch me put the egg in the nesting area and backed up. They were very curious! Funny to watch.

Anyway, it looks like it worked because we have our first egg! I’m dying too see how big they get and how many we get in a day. Rhode Island Reds are notorious for laying many very large eggs. Let’s see if they can live up to their reputation!

See the girls investigate their training eggs:

Not Scared to Go Outside

Finally! After weeks of trying to get the new girls to spend more time outside in their run we finally have success!

The girls are now egg laying age but we haven’t seen any eggs! Sunlight has a lot to do with their egg laying cycle and it seems like they haven’t been getting enough sunshine to kick the egg laying into gear yet. They are Rhode Island Reds! They are known to be the best brown egg layers in the nation! Why aren’t we seeing any eggs yet?!

I had been bribing them with meal worms to get them outside but they don’t necessarily stay outside so I spend a little time with them to keep them entertained. Well…..I’m the one being entertained! They stick to me like glue when I’m out in the run with them. I can’t even move! They have me circled all the time! They are sooooo funny!

Well….at least they are making progress. Get some sun girls! We need eggs please!

See the silly girls on their YouTube Channel:

Almost Egg Laying Time!

Today we introduced the girls to their nesting box for the first time. They will be 16 weeks old on June 13 which is usually the age when they start to lay eggs! We are so excited for them!

So how did they react to the nesting box? They reacted just like they do with everything else. They were scared at first, and then they pecked it. They pecked it and then they pecked it again. They loved that it was made of steel. It’s makes a beautiful sound when pecked! I have decided that just like babies or puppies who need to put every new thing in their mouth to see what it is and whether they like it, chickens have to peck everything to test it out…. including my ankles! You’ll hear me get pecked in the video.

Tomorrow I’ll introduce them to the fake eggs. The fake eggs are a training tool to show them where their eggs go. You just sit it in the nesting box. It really works! These eggs are actually made at the same weight as real eggs so they are very life-like. We have even accidentally collected a fake egg from the nesting boxes every now and then thinking it was real. Luckily we thought to put a little X on the tip of the fake eggs to tell the difference. The girls are not as dumb as you think. After awhile the chickens start to realize which eggs are fake and kick them out of the nest. That’s when you know they don’t need them anymore.

Check out the girls investigating their new toy, then nesting box.

Summer Heat Prep for the Chickens

As summer is coming closer and the temperatures are getting into the 80s we need to start thinking about better ways to keep the new young girls cool when the temperatures get into the 90s.

Since we pulled out the old nesting boxes the back door entry to gather eggs is no longer useful. The man of the house once again used his engineering mind and with a few modifications created a big vent facing into the run to give the girls another source of fresh air.

The girls seemed to really like it! They were climbing in and out of the open space while hubby was trying to get the wire cloth over it. Took longer than he would have liked but it was finally finished. Curious girls really like the results!

More important is this vent will eliminate the need to use a fan in the coop. We weren’t big on the idea of the fan blowing all the dust around to begin with. Take a look at the girls reaction with their new coop feature: