RIP My Biggest Girls

It took me awhile to write this post because I’m still a little choked up. I lost my 2 biggest girls 2 days apart last week. As my vet said, funny thing about chickens is sometimes they just die!

As some of you know it was very hot last week, over 90 degrees the whole week and reached 100 degrees at least once. Chickens usually do well until it starts to go over 85. That’s when shade sails and fans come into play to keep it shady and the air moving. We wet down the run with water to cool the soil and the girls will dig a shallow hole and lay in it like your dog does to beat the heat. We put ice in their waterer and snack them with frozen blue berries. I even cut up slices of zucchini and froze it in a cake pan of water to give them something cold to peck on.

I’m telling you this because the only thing these 2 beautiful girls had in common is they were both the largest girls in the hen house. Our Black Aussie was the one who gave Stewart the rooster a run for his money on Valentines Day as she was a lot bigger than him. I don’t think he ever outgrew her. She was a vey heavy girl and a challenge to pick up! Same with our Buff. This was a picture of her last year but she got so big this year she waddled everywhere she walked.

I just think the heat was a little too much for the two girls.The vet explained overheating can cause a heart attack. So sad……..

Rest in peace…….


The Bumblefoot Girls

It’s been almost 3 months since we found a couple of our Easter Eggers with a case of bumblefoot. Poor girls were not running with the rest of the flock and spent a lot of time sitting rather than hanging with the other hens.

We already had a lesson from our vet on how to take care of the foot bacterial infection called Bumblefoot. Soaking the feet in an antiseptic every couple days should take care of it. Unfortunately these two girls were stubborn and not healing very quickly.

We finally put them in cages so we could keep them nice and sanitary through the next phase. Soaking daily, then putting antibiotic cream on, wrapping in bandages and changing daily. Phew! This gets tiring. Why Blue? Because that’s the color of their eggs silly!

BUT we made progress! As of today all the scabs are gone! Some wounds are slightly open so we have to keep them in bandages until they are completely healed.

They are in better spirits. There are beautiful blue eggs almost every day. They’ve gotten used to the regimen and even talk to us while they are taking a soak.  I don’t know what they are saying but the tone seems much happier.

We figure a week for one of the girls who is down to one bandage, and a couple more weeks for the pretty girl with bandages on both feet.

Let’s keep the fingers crossed!


Chicken Love Is In The Air


Although Stewart still looks a little beat up from his battle against lice and mites, he is getting bigger and starting to look a little sexy to the ladies! Or maybe it’s just another power hungry Buff Orpington wanting to be top hen by trying to win Stewy’s approval! Who knows with these cute, innocent looking Buff ladies who seem sweet and loving but in reality they have pecked me and the other hens more times than I can count!

Still, it was adorable to see her watching Stewart crow and then jump up next to him trying to get his attention. At first he ignored her, so she scooted in closer. Then he took a quick look and went back to crowing. After awhile she leaned in to try and preen his face but he took a couple steps away from her and went about his business.

Ohhhh!  Dissed!  Poor Girl! She looked so dejected.

Love will come another day.

Watch Stewy and the wannabe top hen on the What the Flock YourTube Channel:




The Egg Song Chorus

It just seems like yesterday when the girls weren’t laying eggs and struggling to get out of their molt. The winter was miserable for all of us.

Along with sunshine, flowers and baby bunnies, it’s so nice to hear the song of the ladies excited to be laying an egg again. Proud hens spouting off to each other….My egg is bigger than yours! No….MY egg is bigger than yours. Oh yah?! I just laid the best one EVER!

It’s getting noisy around here! Now it’s not just the rooster, Stewart, trying to be as loud as possible. It’s quite the competition going on! You’d think they were dying!

I just had to share it with you.

Listen to the chorus on the ladies YouTube Channel: