More Low Nesting Boxes

After a number of arguments over favorite nesting boxes including pecking, screeching and broken eggs we decided it was time to give the ladies another small section of nesting boxes on the floor. We closed the upper ones because they kept jumping out of them smacking themselves on the poop desk across the way. They think they can fly…….well, they can, but lets just say they really can’t judge a distance!

Like with everything new, the ladies were scared of the boxes at first but eventually started to use them. Some dried herbs were tossed in to make them a little more attractive. Now they can be lazy and just walk into a box rather than jump up to find one!

Ultimately we plan to rebuild the nesting boxes with something removable and easily washed. They will also be lifted so they aren’t actually sitting on the ground. But that’s for another day.┬áIf you hadn’t noticed we are always working on some sort of project for the ladies. As I always say…..a nice coop makes happy chickens and happy chickens make a lot of great eggs!

Watch the ladies checking out the new digs on their YouTube Channel:



Sharing a Nesting Box

This weekend, when I went into the coop to clean, look what I found!……….a couple of the ladies battling it out for their favorite nesting box! The funny thing is they were fighting over which one got to sit on that blue egg but neither of them lay blue eggs!

I know this is not an unusual thing in the chicken world but it hasn’t happened in our coop yet. There was one change that probably made the difference. First, the hens finally got over their molting, their feet and pest problems and started to finally lay eggs again! Next, my hubby closed off the top row of nesting boxes because he said they were hurting themselves jumping out of the higher boxes. Now there are only half as many boxes to lay in.

I watched them for awhile with the black Aussie turning around trying to drop a new egg and the Buff growling at her. GRRRRR. Finally, the egg was dropped, the Aussie jumped over the Buff to get out and the Buff shoved the egg out of the nesting box onto the floor!!

Don’t let the wing hit you on the way out!

To watch the exchange check it out on their YouTube Channel:


Easter Egg Hunt

Happy Easter!

We had more requests for eggs this last week for Easter but had to disappoint everyone with the ladies still not fully up to speed on egg laying. So we decided they needed more entertainment.

Poor Stewart, the new rooster, is too much of a gentleman during snack time. He patiently waits for the ladies to get their fill before he eats. Unfortunately they never leave anything for him!

I thought we would kill two birds with stone……well not exactly how I should phrase that! BUT I wanted to give Stewart a chance to get his favorite snack, sweet peppers, while entertaining the ladies to make them happier. Happy chickens lay more eggs, right?

So I created a different kind of Easter Egg hunt. I scattered sliced sweet peppers Everywhere in the run, opened the coop door and let them make a mad dash out to find their snacks. “Go Stewart!” I cheered many times but every time he put his head down one of the ladies ran up and he’d back up as if saying “its all ours!”. Then he got……distracted. After all, he is a 1 year old testosterone driven rooster! Need I say more.

Once again, Stewart did not get any sweet peppers. Poor Stewart.

Watch the Easter Egg Hunt on the ladies’ YouTube Channel: