The Coop Tour

Coop Painting

I decided tan was a boring color so I painted it a grey blue to match the barn. I’ll paint the trim white later. That will make it pop out better! Got a great space to paint a chicken logo on the side!

So the first part of the tour is the nesting boxes. The door under the window (above) is the hatch back so you can sneak in behind the chickens sitting in the nest and pop the eggs out from under them! Sneaky! You can see them from the inside (below) that there are 12 double deckered boxes. Nesting boxes

On the inside you can see the nesting boxes on the right and roosts on the left.

Inside Coop

Luckily I have a handy hubby who built a chicken wire wall so we can have our own space to store food and cleaning gear, or maybe use it for a brooding area.Coop room

Final touches……a rough textured linoleum floor so it’s easy clean up! The guy at the home improvement store asked if we had chickens because he said the linoleum is so ugly and cheap it’s what most people use it for!

Coop linoleum floor

To keep it even easier to clean under the roosts I asked my husband to build a Poop Deck. What’s a Poop Deck? It’s something below the roosts to catch, well, all the poop! See, I have learned something with all the reading books and blogs!

We have some friends who created some metal drawers that we will try to hook under the roosts, and then every couple days I’ll take a scrapper, scrape the poop in a bucket and toss it into the compost pile.  Yup, some great fertilizer coming our way soon!

Now all we need are the chicks!

The New Coop is Here!

Okay guys, you promised me a coop today! You had me wait weeks to build it, the day is here and it’s late in the afternoon! Your killing me!  Oh, got the phone call. The trailer was in the shop this morning but is now headed our way.

So, the sun is going down but I finally see the truck with the coop in tow. Yay!

The trailer is incredible! That thing detaches from the base and can move up, down, sideways in any direction with…….wait for it…….a blue-tooth remote control! Once lined up it tilts and drops the coop right on the mark!  Awesome!

Would love to give you a tour, but the sun is down and it’s too dark. We’ll take a look tomorrow.